14 February is coming, it is Valentine’s Day – such an occasion to raise the temperature of feelings during freezing winter cannot be neglected! 

It is a very young celebration in Poland,  we have observed it for no more than twenty-few years. Valentine’s Day was originated in middle-ages Rome, but due to joyful and positive message it was adopted by many countries around the world. Saint Valentine was born in 175 not far from Rome. He was a doctor, but he had a vocation to priesthood. Later he was designated as a bishop for his miraculous acts of healing from blindness and epilepsy. The times were full of extremely bloody wars in the Roman Empire and men were reluctant to join the army. The Emperor blamed women for the situation,  they were supposed to discourage men from leaving homes.

According to the legend, Roman Emperor forbade soldiers to marry and Saint Valentine used to perform clandestine Christian weddings. For these acts he was executed on 14 February 269 or 270. However, Saint Valentine was made a patron saint of lovers much later – in the Middle Ages.

Those who usually seem to be too shy, find Valentine’s Day an opportunity to reveal their real feelings to the one they love and hand “valentine” greeting card, flowers, chocolates or other small gifts. This tradition also is connected with the person of Saint Valentine, who liked to give flowers from his own garden to his guests and write letters to worshippers about Christ’s love.

Valentine’s Day gives a chance to spend romantic moments, but you should remember that there is no successful date without exquisite food, which is to whit our appetite for more. In this issue you’d better rely on specialists and check our menu, which is composed specially for this occasion by our chef.

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