All women celebrate on 8 March – on the International Women’s Day (IWD) they get greetings and flowers as a sign of respect, admiration or love.

International Women’s Day originated in ancient Roman Matronalia – festival held on the 1 March by married women, who used to worship Juno Lucina and prayed for marriage happiness. Women received gifts from their husbands. The idea returned in the beginning of XX century with labour and feminists movements in North America and Europe (1909). Then women, who worked hard in factories started to fight for their labour rights and increasing safety in a place of work. First IRW was observed on 19 March 1911 in Denmark, Austria, Germany and Switzerland – in the background of celebration women rights were propagated, for example the right to vote. On 8 March 1913 and 1914 in few countries IWD celebrations took place together with anti-war demonstrations. In 1917 Russian women organized strikes and manifestations under the slogan “peace and bread”, and a few days later they were given the right to vote. As a result 8 March was established as an official holiday in Russia. At present IWD is celebrated in nearly 60 countries. The exception is Tunis, where women have their day on 13 August.

On the International Women’s Day ladies receive greetings, flowers and presents, but in some countries there are special privileges such as a day off in Russia or half of working day off in China. In Italy celebrations starts a week earlier, streets are full of posters reminding about the 8 March. Women go on a shopping spree because the also give each other presents. In Portugal and Romania women spend the day in their own company dining and parting together. Probably the most lucky are girls in Armenia, because they can enjoy the whole Women’s Month – from 8 March to 7 April.

In Poland on the occasion men hand flowers and small gifts not only to their wives, but also to mothers, girlfriends and female colleagues. In the times of PRL (Polish People’s Republic) red dianthus, tights and coffee were commonly presented, and politics took advantage of the celebration to emphasize the role of women in the development of PRL. Fortunately the times have changed and 8 March has become simply a great opportunity to express appreciation towards women in your close surrounding. Although men tends to choose chocolates as a gift, it is worth to surprise your ladies and invite them for an elegant dinner to Verres en Vers. On the special day we recommend dishes with fresh, spring ingredients which will surely suit female taste.


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