Easter has come. It is a holiday when religious observances intermingle with beautiful old-Polish traditions.

It is also a time of gathering together with the whole family round the Easter table. All the traditions are accompanied by spring atmosphere. Easter commemorates the most important events in the Christian history – death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. After a long-lasting Lent, which was a time of reflection and renunciation, now a  time of joy comes. All Christians celebrate the holiday most solemnly attending religious ceremonies. Habits vary around the world, but most often they are dedicated to children.

In France and Germany parents hide chocolate sweets – eggs and rabbits in the house and garden, then children search for them with a great enthusiasm (an egg hunt). Similar games take place in Australia and United States. In the USA a contest for the most imaginative Easter Bonnet (a hat with Easter symbols) is organized. In Sweden girls disguise as Easter witches. They walk around collecting sweets and handing holiday cards. Contests are held in Great Britain as well – one of the most popular involves the fastest rolling of a hard-boiled egg.

In Poland we have a few traditions associated with Easter time. The most known is preparing and blessing of święconka – it is a small basket containing bread, coloured eggs, sausage, salt, pepper, green twigs of boxwood, a figure of a lamb and some sweets. All these things present a symbolic meaning. Then during Easter breakfast each family share eggs blessed on the previous day. Another custom is so called śmigus-dyngus (Wet Monday) when people pour water on each other. Undoubtedly, the practice gives much fun especially to children and teenagers. The act of being poured all over is to symbolize purification of soul and body. 

Holidays are always inseparably connected with culinary traditions. Easter provides us with a vast selection of typical dishes. In Poland Easter Sunday breakfast is the most important moment, when, as a symbol of the Lent’s end, a variety of meat dishes appears. The most popular are roasted ham and meat pies served with beetroot and horseradish. Moreover, we prepare eggs in many ways – with a mayonnaise and spring onions or stuffed with few types of pastes. Among desserts there reign a yeast babka (similar to Italian panettone), mazurek (short bread with jam, chocolate or any other filling) and delicious cheesecakes. For dinner we serve sour-rye soup with pork sausage and eggs. The second dish is typically comprised of roasted meat, potatoes and vegetables.

Easter is a special time, worth spending in Verres en Vers. We promise to get you in a spring and sublime mood thanks to our special dishes. Easter menu is a unique composition of luxurious and seasonal products. Come and spend unforgettable moments in our restaurant!

We recommend dishes from our Easter menu: 

Veal sweetbreads with Jerusalem artichoke, stewed rhubarb and nut foam

Stewed gurnards fillet with tomatoes, sage, creamy polenta and rocket

Roast halibut fillet with pan fried young potatoes, chanterelles and asparagus

Grilled duck breast with pear sauce, fruits and cheese brioche


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