We invite all gourmets to get acquainted with our new proposals for spring-summer season. 

Our guests will experience a real culinary feast, because the new menu represents all the best from French cuisine in combination with special seasonal products.

After long winter, those who crave for new, fresh flavours and aromas will definitely enjoy salad with early beetroots and Blu de Neiges cheese, which surely whets your appetite. Among main dishes we can discover few specialities for admirers of asparagus such as halibut with early potatoes, chanterelles and asparagus. For vegetarians, we recommend omelette with asparagus and raspberry tomatoes. For enthusiasts of extravagant and sophisticated compositions, who look for new culinary sensations, our chef prepared sweetbreads with stewed rhubarb. The dish is an extraordinary composition of velvety meat with a sharp, sour taste of rhubarb. There are also other spring vegetables in the menu – their fresh taste ideally harmonizes with chicken confit served with broad bean croquette . 

New season in Verres en Vers means also delicious desserts. Fans of pastries would love a sponge cake, which delicate taste is enhanced by addition of sour cream and berries.

In our menu classic French dishes remain, as well. We strongly recommend delicious onion soup, roast snails with wild garlic or beef tartar with French fries. We also offer our traditional chocolate cake – but this time, surprisingly, with Roquefort cheese.

We hope that our new menu satisfies expectations of the most requiring gourmets. We welcome everyone who long for fresh flavours and extraordinary combinations.




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