On 1 May in France „La fete du muguet” (May Day, Day of the Lily-of-the Valley) is celebrated. It is a beautiful occasion, when people hand in bouquets of these charming and delicate flowers to show respect and liking.

Although the date of 1 May is usually associated with Labour Day, which is observed in almost every country, in France it has a dual meaning. Lily-of-the-Valley has symbolized for centuries that spring comes - before the first Sunday in May these flowers were collected and used to decorate windows and doors. However, the tradition of giving the flowers to each other started in XVI century. On 1 May people repelled winter using branches, which changed into Lily-of-the-Valley thanks to king Charles IX. He was so enchanted by the flowers that he decided to give it to all the ladies of his court every year. Many years later, in 1900, French tailors presented Lily-of-the-Valley to their customers. The gesture was so warmly welcomed by everyone that it became an annual custom which lasts till present times. Interestingly, there are special regulations that allow people to sell these flowers on the streets on 1 May without paying taxes .

Lily-of-the-Valley has many symbolic meanings. People believe it brings happiness and fortune. It has also been concerned as a symbol of youth, wisdom and medical knowledge often occurring on Middle Ages portraits of scientists. Nowadays, the sweet-smelling white flowers are associated with the traditional feminine virtues of timidity, humility and purity, that is way they are often chosen by brides for their bouquets.

We invite everyone to visit Verres en Vers and celebrate Le Fete du Muguet with us! A year ago we organized such an event for the first time and it enjoyed great interest. Also this time we prepared many attractions, including French delicacies, of course.


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