Barbecue is not only one of culinary techniques, for some people it is almost a ritual. 

The method is especially appreciated by men, even those, who usually don’t exhibit their interst in cooking. Men, during barbecue, feel like masters of the situation, and controlling the state of meat and temperature is like an art, what can be proven by the fact that there are contests in grilling all over the world. Masters are Americans. Barbecue season starts at the beginning of May (so called „long May weekend”) and lasts for the whole summer. Short trips outside the city encourage to gather together with friends and family in the open air and nothing tastes as well as dishes freshly prepared on a hot grill. You can grill almost everything – from meat and fish, vegetables and fruit to cheese and bread. The smoke coming from burning charcoal gives a distinctive roast aroma and flavour to grilled products.

During May trips there reign grilled sausage, shish kebab, pork neck and bread. But grilling gives much more options – actually almost each type of meat can be grilled. The key to success is a marinade and its content depends only on our imagination. Fish prepared on a grill are juicy and delicate. Vegetables acquire completely new flavour. You can also prepare a dessert – particularly worth trying are pineapples and bananas stuffed with dark chocolate. Additives such as dips and salads are very important and make our feast complete.

Grilling is concerned a healthy method of cooking as long as you don’t let the fat burn on the charcoal, what is easy to achieve by using special aluminium plates. Also marination protects from formation of unhealthy susbstances.

When hot days end and you still wish to eat grilled food, use electric grill, which can be used at home and the effect is similar.

We wish you long barbecue season and those who hunger for exceptional and unusual dishes prepared on a grill we invite to Verres en Vers and try:

Grilled duck breast with pear sauce, fruits and cheese brioche (Restaurant menu)


Grilled rib eye steak with fries and garlic butter (Terracemenu)



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