The history of beer began about 4000 BC in Mesopotamia, but probably even 2000 years earlier Americans already produced beer from corn.

Now beer is on the third place on the list of most popular beverages in the world, just after water and tea. Poland takes the fourth place in the amount of consumed beer, coming after the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria. Huge beer popularity reflects in numerous contests, festivals and other events dedicated to the kind of drink. On the nearest Monday (25th May) we are observing The Brewer Day. That is an excellent occasion to meet friends and treat yourselves with more than one mug of beer. On the day we may also appreciate the work of brewers, thanks to who we can enjoy a vast range of beer types and brands. It is also an opportunity for local breweries to present their products.

The main ingredients in beer production are: barley, hop, water and yeast. We distinguish several steps of brewing process. It includes: malting, mashing, fermentation, conditioning, filtration and packaging.

Beer can be classified according to few features. Most commonly beer is divided into groups due to alcohol content. Another assembly depends on the type of malt used, for instance barley or wheat beers. Besides, each type of beer belongs to one of two groups: top-fermented (at warm temperatures) or bottom-fermented (at cool temperatures) beers. The most known top-fermented beers are: stout, ale, porter, wheat, and bottom-fermented are: pilsner and lager.

Brasserie Verres en Vers offers a wide range of beers. Among Polish brands we recommend Tyskie – brewed traditionally and slightly bitter in taste and Lech Premium – refreshing and of a balanced flavour. If you want to broaden your horizons, choose Książęce collection. There are: Ciemne Łagodne of a rich bouquet, Czerwony Lager - ideal with meat dishes or Złote Pszeniczne – delicate, unfiltered, quenching your thirst. For admirers of classic foreign brands we propose perfect Dutch beer – Grolsch and highly appreciated Czech Pilsner Urquell.

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