Mother’s Day is observed almost everywhere in the world, regardless of culture or religion. 

In different countries it is celebrated on various days, most commonly in spring, in Poland it comes on 26th May. The date is well-known toeveryone, whatever the age is, because each of us wishes his or her mother to spend the day in a memorable way and to feel truly appreciated by her children.

​The Mother’s Day has its origins in ancient times and rituals dedicated to motherhood and fertility. The Greek used to bless goddess-mother Rhea. Then, the tradition was adopted by the Romans and lasted until Christian times, when cherishing other gods became forbidden. But, for example, in Hindu a similar holiday has remained till modern times. In Europe the tradition came back in XVI/XVII century in England (Mothering Sunday), when people attended a special mass in their mother church and were encouraged to visit relatives and giving mothers small gifts. Independently, in the United States in the XIX/XX century, there occurred the civil ideas to memorize and honor mothers. As a result, in 1905 first Mother’s Day was celebrated, and only nine years later the day was made a national holiday. Also in Poland the first Mother’s Day was observed in 1914.

​26th may is an occasion to hand our mums their favourite flowers or sweets. Even the smallest children prepare hand-made presents, such as special cards with greetings. It is always a good idea to spend the time together, for example in the cinema, SPA or in our restaurant. On Mother’s Day we especially recommend selection of French and Polish cheeses, then halibut with young potatoes, chanterelles and asparagus. For a dessert, we offer almond biscuit with berries. Moreover, there is a special offer to try exquisite French wines served in glasses. 

For Mother’s Day Verres en Vers prepared a special gift for each invited mother. Your mums will be delighted!

Chef's proposition for this opportunity: Selection of French and Polish cheeses with fig jam, Roast halibut fillet with pan fried young potatoes, chanterelles and asparagus puree, Almonds biscuit withy sour cream and berries and special offer for french wines sold by glasses. 


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