Summer has finally come together with holiday time. Hot days and evenings favour relax and carefreeness. There is no better place to visit during vacation than Gdańsk, which is the city of many possibilities of spending free time.

Annually crowds of tourists come to Gdańsk tempted by picturesque burg city on the Motlau River. The most distinctive part of the Old Town is Long Market with its beautiful townhouses, which used to belong to wealthy merchants. The bustling street starts with the Golden Gate and ends with the Green Gate. In the heart of this place our restaurant is located, what gives Verres en Vers unusual character and atmosphere. Additionally excellent food that we serve makes it the essential place to visit each time you are in Gdańsk. Other historical streets are also full of monuments, such as for example an impressive Church of St. Mary – the largest European medieval brick-built church.

The history rules in Gdańsk – the thousand-year city saw many important historical events. It was here where the Second World War broke out and “Solidarity” started the European Road to Freedom. But not only visitors fond of history will be satisfied. Seaside beaches offer many attractions. There you can lie down and relax, sunbathe, swim and listen to the sound of the sea. Water sports lovers surely find here lots of activities.

When you walk leisurely along the street, remember to come to Verres ene Vers for a summer drink. You can relax on the terrace and feel fully relaxed. In July we offer drinks with Campari – bitter liqueur from Milan. Its distinctive flavour comes from the infusion of herbs and orange. It is commonly used in cocktails. Verres en Vers recommends Campari Mojito, which thanks its refreshing taste to mint and lime with a bit bitter-sweet taste from Campari and brown sugar. We also propose a seductive drink with the liqueur, orange juice and a slice of orange – Campari Orange Passion.

There is nothing better than an extraordinary drink in an extraordinary restaurant!


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