In a little while in Gdańsk various merchants are going to rule the town, because one of the biggest open-air happenings in Europe is coming.

St Dominic’s Fair has taken place annually for over 750 years, it traditionally starts at the end of July and lasts for three weeks. It was initiated by Dominican order to worship their patron saint and firstly it was just a special mass and church fair after that. The time was passing and the fair started to function more as a trade. Each year about 400 ships sailed to Gdańsk and Dominican Square began to small so that new market places were being organized - that was the beginning of Targ Drzewny, Węglowy, Rybny, Wąchany czy Sinny. The names were derived from the goods sold in the places. Soon the streets of Old Town were full of people, sounds, aromas and fun. And that’s the way it goes till today.

St Dominic’s Fair gathers artisans, artists, antique dealers, but not only. On a flea market we meet regular people selling their own items and souvenirs, which sometimes happen to be real treasures for collectors.

But the Fair offers many other attractions such as outdoor music stages, festivals, organ music concerts, street parades, sport events, races and fireworks displays. There something happens all the time.

St Dominic’s Fair is partly also a culinary event full of flavours and scents. You can easily feed yourself while shopping as there are numerous gastronomic stalls presenting not only traditional Polish food but also cuisines from all over the world. Kashubian ruchanki (yeast pancakes), Cracow bubliks, Toruń gingerbreads, Masurian cheeses, regional sausages, cakes and breads compete with Swiss cheeses, Vilnius bread and Hungarian preserves from pappers. There are so many products to eat at once or to take home or present as a souvenir.

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