Summer season is a time of numerous Sound and Light shows taking place in many cities in France. 

Son et lumière animations are projected on the facades of famous buildings. They are based on hi-tech sound, light, voice and 3D effects. Occasionally they include pyrotechnic effects, as well.

First Son et Lumière was hosted in 1952 by the curator of  Château de Chambord – Paul Robert-Houdini. Now these magnificent presentations are organized annually on squares, fountains, facades of monuments in about fifty French cities. The most well-known are those in the Loire Valley’s châteaux, at the Palace of Versailles and Les Invalides in Paris or the Notre Dame Cathedral in Strasbourg and many others.

Creators of the shows usually gain inspiration from rich history of the buildings. Visual impressions are additionally boosted by sound effects – narrator’s voice and stirring music, which on the whole generate unique atmosphere and arouse intense feelings. The game of lights enhances the beauty of architecture, and the narrator telling the story of the building takes the viewers into the far history. It is not rare that the animation changes completely the character of the object – for example during the Sound and Light in Lyon a facade of one of the theatres became the face of a monster which reacted on the audience’ voices, and one of the squares altered in the sea with waves.

Sound and Light shows came into fashion also in other countries. In Great Britain they mainly use the buildings of churches, cathedrals and abbeys. Very famous are also illuminations on Egyptian pyramids, in the USA and in Asia (for instance in Delhi). In Poland there are also held such shows – on the Castle of the Teutonic Order in Malbork and Gniew, Poznan Town Hall and in Gdansk during the St Dominic’s Fair. 

We all know that good music can have very positive influence – it soothes our nerves after the whole day, calms and can put us in a good mood especially when the end of summer is coming.


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