Verres en Vers said goodbye to summer days and now welcomes us with a new menu for autumn-winter season! 

The menu is various and full of seasonal products. Dishes are composed to satisfy one's hunger and warm on cold days. Each of them is astonishing and exquisite. Even the most refined gourmets will surely find many proposals which suit their tastes.

This season we present more positions of starters. There is our classic cheese plate, but this time served with plum marmelade. We should merit special attention to our absolute novelty - dried haunch deer with blue cheese, pistachio and rowanberry jam. Vegetarians will be delighted at our salads - with potatoes, brown champignon and goat cheese or with kale, roasted pumpkin, apple and buttermilk dressing.

After starters, we recommend mussel’s soup with white vegetables, Chablis wine and saffron or delicate sunchoke cream soup served with fried pear.

Main dishes menu starts with tuna steak in companion of vegetables - leek with nuts, roasted fennel and celeriac fries. It is healthy food, light, but full of flavours. For admirers of Polish elements we offer pork tenderloin with potato cake or duck confit with grey potato dumplings. For vegetarians we prepared - Polish dumplings with goat cheese sauce and spinach. The end of the year is a time when pumpkins reign, Verres en Vers takes advantage of the fact and serves pumpkin cake with fried mushrooms and  horseradish and rosemary. Our Chef recommends beef fillet steak, to which we can choose additives ourselves.

Autumn-winter dessert are based on seasonal fruits, such as plums, apples and manadrins and aromatic spices and herbs. Chocolate cake is served with homemade vanilla-honey ice-cream and dried fruit compote. As the winter is slowly approaching, we tend to choose apple cakes and gingerbread - ours with unusual additives - coconut mousse, melissa and mandarin jam. There is no point to resist such desserts! Delicious!

Another novelty is a possibility to order two or three dishes in fixed prices of 50 and 70 PLN.


























We warmly welcome to visit our restaurant!

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