This year we are having fun in the FUNKY 80's style. 


New Year’s Eve menu:

Welcome drink

Cold buffet:

Crispy and fresh baked baguette, bread and rolls

Cherry liqueur marinated duck carpaccio with lamb lettuce salad, glazed grapes

Pumpkin panna cotta with flamed fig and smoked goat cheese

Polish and French cheese plate with peach jam and walnuts

Dried and seasoning meats and cold cuts with French mustard with quince and homemade pickles

Mixed salad leaves with roast king prawns, grilled chicory, black tomatoes, anchois,
Pecorino flakes and bacon dressing

Tarator with grated radish, fresh dill, chives and red caviar

Smoked salmon fillet with cloves, rocket and radicchio leaves, cream and dill dressing

Fried sardines with roast lemon and watercress salad

Intermezzo: Sour lemonade with linden honey

Hot buffet:

Roast sea bream fillet with herb, fried scorzonera and black olives powder

Sous vide boar tenderloin with kale, chestnuts and goat cheese sauce

Roast sirloin with fennel and green pepper sauce

Roast carrots, sunchoke and rutabaga with lemon thyme

Blanched white and green cauliflower with nut crumble and béchamel sauce

Roasted millet with bacon and shallot

Home French fries.


Coffee mousse with halvah with amarena cherries.

Cream caramel with vanilla and candied orange skin.

Chocolate cake with crispy praline and blackcurrant mousse.

Marzipan tart with sour plums and flamed meringue.

Live cooking (after midnight):

Roast apple pork loin with bone, beer sauce and spicy marinated carrots


Mineral water/ coffee/ fruit juice

Glass of sparkling wine before midnight


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