Mussels, right now, in autumn, are the most delicious, so chefs with pleasure choose them to prepare exquisite dishes. 

The white meat is delicate with a sweetish taste. It goes well with intensive additives. Aroma of sea can be emphasized by white wine, vermouth, and also exotic products such as lemon grass, chili, ginger or coconut. Mussels may be grilled, stewed, roasted or steamed. Whatever the technique, preparation should not last longer than 5 to 7 minutes, as after the time mussel’s meat becomes stiff and loses aroma. Mussels which didn’t open under high temperature must be thrown away. One of the most famous dishes with mussels as a main ingredient is moules à la marinière (fr.) – sea fish stewed in white wine with butter and onion. It is classic and simple, but the dish extracts all the best from mullet.

Now in restaurants there reign Dutch and Belgian mullet, which during autumn have a lot of meat. Cooler temperatures enable distribution of fresh mullet to other countries. The product is unusually  sensitive to wind and sun, as attemperatures over 4°C mullet die and become inedible. That is the reason why we have to pay attention to how we store fresh ones after buying. Fresh mussels must be thoroughly rinsed  and washed, open mussels cannot be used (frozen ones are usually open, as they were previously washed and cooked).

Mussels, just like other sea fish, contain huge amounts of protein, but very little fat, cholesterol and calories, what make them ideal for those who prefer healthy and diet products. Moreover, there are fatty acids omega-3 which are considered essential for preventing and curing civilization diseases. Mussels are great source of vitamins PP and B12 and microelements -iodine, selenium, fluorine, iron, magnesium, calcium and zinc. 

Preparation of mussels is fast and quite simple. It allows to create excellent dish which surely surprise our guests. However, if you prefer enjoying professional approach, we invite you to Verres en Vers. Our Chef recommends Fresh mussels in white wine with garlic and parsley and Mussel’s soup with famous French wine Chablis, saffron and white vegetables.


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