On 11 November we observe National Independence Day, which commemorates the anniversary of Poland's sovereignty In 1918, after 123 years of partition by Russian Empire, the Kingdom of Prussia and the Habsburg Empire.

On the day the city of Gdansk annually organizes great Parade of Independence. The celebrations has taken place for 13 years and has become known in the whole Poland. As every year, there are people merited for the independence of our country and actors in historical costumes - certainly we will see the creator of the Second Polish republic, Józef Piłsudzki, who is to give an opening speech. Organizers of the Parade invited also reenactment groups, Napoleonic soldiers, hussars, ladies from the 20s and 30s and many other interesting figures. Also admirers of motorization will be glad to watch the ride of historical, military and motorcycle vehicles.

Organizers also encourage dwellers to disguise in historical costumes or accessories. There is going to be plenty of attractions. Additionally, there is planned musical setting of the Parade with the Brass Orchestra and a choir, who will sing the national anthem (Mazurek Dąbrowskiego) and other patriotic songs together with gathered people. It is worth to come with the whole family and friends and celebrate the day in a jovial atmosphere. This year the theme of the Parade is the White Eagle - a symbol of Poland. The scouts are going to distribute souvenir stickers, balloons and pin buttons with the image of an eagle.

There are also the accompanying events, this year we especially invite for "The Night of Independence". It means actually two evenings (on 10 and 11 November) when you can spend time in selected restaurants marked with white-red colours and eat "special national dishes in reasonable prices". Verres en Vers is also taking part in the event.

For the National Independence day we prepared white and red colour dish: Pork tenderloin with parsnip mousse, stewed radish and smoked paprika sauce. On 10 November we are also planning to entertain our guests with live music.


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