Fish has its faithful admirers, however, some of us do not really prefer it.

We often can be easily discouraged by the form of serving and necessity of removing fish bones. Unfortunately, the most delicious is the least processed meat. The best solution is a visit in a restaurant, which does its best so that ordered food will be nothing else, but only undisturbed pleasure. 

Fish is classified as functional foods, which refers to products providing beneficial effects  on our health and preventing diseases. Fish is a good source of high quality protein which contains essential amino acids such as tryptophan, lysine, methionine, cysteine, threonine. The protein is digested in over 90 per cent. There is a huge quantity of micro- and macroelements (calcium, phosphorus, fluoride, iodine, selenium) and fat-soluable vitamins. Moreover, fish meat includes unsaturated fatty acids – these from omega-3 group such as: DHA and EPA. According to results of research, consumption of fish can significantly:

  • lower the level of triglycerides in blood,
  • reduce the risk of heart attack and cardiovascular disease,
  • slower atherosclerosis,
  • improve functions of nervous system (mitigate depression and stress, boost memory),
  • decrease the risk of inflammation (stimulate our immune system).

In autumn-winter season Verres en Vers is proposing three new fish dishes in menu. 

We especially recommend: tuna fish with leek and nuts, roasted fennel and celeriac fries. Tuna is not only very tasty, but it has numerous other advantages. Meat of tuna is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, niacin, vitamins D3 i B12, calcium, iron, phosphorus and sodium. Nutritionist appreciate it because of little calories and high-quality protein. 

We invite you to Verres en Vers to try new fish dishes!


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