December has come, so we are starting to think warmly about Christmas, which is really soon.

Christmas holidays is the most beautiful and magical time in the year. Winter views put adults in nostalgic mood, while children are encouraged to careless fun. We gradually forget about gloomy and rainy autumn days. Once the beginning of December comes, majority of us starts to think intensively about Christmas and awaits gathering together in a family circle. Winter weather motivates also to meetings with friends eating delicious and warming food, which brings thoughts of traditional family Christmas dishes. Happily, we can enjoy such dishes during whole December in Verres en Vers.

Verres en Vers has created unique menu for December and Christmas, which is inspired by the holiday time. Our Chef is using products typical for Polish Christmas Eve cuisine, such as beetroots, cabbage, wild mushrooms and , obviously, fish and is giving it a fresh and original form.

For a good start, we propose herring tartar with roast potatoes, marinated milk caps and addition of smoked paprika and fresh herbs. Next, we suggest yellow beetroot creamy soup, which taste is emphasized by goat cheese foam. Crispy root vegetables complete the dish. Among main dishes there are a proposal for vegetarians, for admirers of fish and for typical meat-eaters. According to Polish tradition, we prepare roast trout with lime butter, served with vegetables papardelle and purple potato puree. Another Christmas offer is ravioli with cabbage, mushroom sauce and an egg. Our Chef has composed also a meat dish with lamb in the main role – lamb roulades with gravy sauce and roast broccoli, the composition is enhanced by pickles and mustard pudding.

The crowning dish is a typical Polish Christmas dessert – kutia served with white chocolate ice-cream, orange and cinnamon sauce and coconut flakes. Full of aromas sweetness!

We invite to Verres en Vers, our personnel will make every effort so that our guests will encounter an exceptional atmosphere of Christmas holidays and savour delightful food respecting tradition and, in the same time, a bit surprising!

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