St Valentine’s Day is being celebrated in more and more countries.

No wonder, as it is a great occasion to spend really romantic moments just the two of us or among other happy and love-struck people, but always with the finest food. 

Valentine’s Day in Verres en Vers is an unusual opportunity to try our tasting menu. It is a form of Our Chef’s presentation – his style of cooking, but in the same time tasting menu gives a chance to taste many dishes having great time. Portions are small but the number of them is impressive to make you feel fully satisfied.

For a start, we serve amuse bouche – French cheeses with grissini and figs. Next, we propose exquisite fish soup and sunchoke cream soup with fried pear and roasted pumpkin seeds. Other dishes are herb salad with fried potatoes, brown champignon and goat cheese, which is completed by aromatic fenugreek. Subsequently, we serve smoked beef fillet tartar of intensive flavour and two fish positions – with halibut and tuna in a main role. As an intermezzo, you will try lemon sorbet, which is to cleanse your taste buds and prepare them for next sensations. After a while, we serve two meat fares – beef fillet steak and duck confit with kale, potato dumplings and roasted apple. Our chef plan to finish the dinner with two dessert – crème brule with vanilla and white chocolate and chocolate cake with homemade ice-cream and dried fruit compote.

The menu has been composed specially for the Valentine’s Day, thus in the dishes there occur many products considered to be aphrodisiacs, such as fish, mushrooms, aromatic spices and herbs, figs, pears or chocolate. The products, due to their chemical content or suggestive shapes, are believed to stimulate our senses. So it is advisable to make advantage of the magical power of aphrodisiacs to make this special evening even more perfect.

All pairs in love are invited on 12 to 14 February. Moreover, on 13 February there will be live music to complete the romantic atmosphere – the concert starts at 7.30 p.m.

Among the guests, who choose our Valentine offer, we will draw surprises. 

Please, feel invited!



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