As every month we propose exceptional fish dishes by our Chef. In March it is tuna steak with roasted fennel, leek with nuts and celeriac fries.

Why tuna? Because it is all-purpose, delicious fish with significant nutritive properties. Many of us use mainly canned tuna, which enables preparation of quick snack, salad or even dinner dish, such as pasta with tuna and cherry tomatoes. HLess popular are loin, steak or whole gilled. Tuna loin can be fried, roasted, grilled or stewed; steaks are cut out of loin - we can prepare delicious steaks of it. Tuna meat is also consumed in smoked, dried or raw version. The colour of raw tuna is dark red and tends to lose intensity while thermal procedure. When we prepare tuna, we should remember not to cook or fry it for too long, otherwise it becomes dry.

Tuna is very popular in Mediterranean cuisine – most often it is eaten grilled or roasted and served with simple additives such as olive oil, lemon, thyme and tomatoes. Whereas in Japan it is consumed mainly raw, in sushi and sashimi.

Tuna is not only delicious, but also very healthy and recommended by nutritionists. The biggest advantage of tuna meat are high quality and easily digested protein (24 g protein/ 100 g tuna meat) and very little calories. Moreover, there are considerable amounts of vitamins A, d, niacin and B12. Tuna is also a great source of microelements – phosphorus, calcium, iron and potassium. Nevertheless, one should always remember that the most valuable is fresh meat, where we can also find significant amounts of omega fatty acids, which are absent in canned tuna. The quantity of particular nutrients and microelements depends on the tuna species.

Tuna has been harvested since ancient times and it still remains an important branch of sea fishery. Its habitat comprises mainly Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and adjacent seas, for example Mediterranean Sea. It lives in shoals, can swim very fast in spite of impressive sizes – the biggest specimen can be 4 m long and weigh even 700 kg. 

Tuna is appreciated all over the world for its taste and properties, now we can also try this luxurious fish in Verres en Vers Chef’s special composition:

Tuna steak / leek with nuts / roasted fennel / celeriac fries

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