On 21 March 2016 we are celebrating the second edition of French cuisine festival - Goût de France/ Good France. 

It is a common project of celebrity chef Alain Duccasse and French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development. Duccasse reminds that French meal was listed  in the “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity” category by UNESCO and thus it should be glorified, so that its heritage might bear fruit all over the world. The current idea was inspired by Epicurean Dinners (1912) - one day, one menu, served in cities around the world. The intention of Good France is to encourage as many chefs as possible to join the event and promote menu „à la française”. It consists of: French aperitif, cold or hot starter, main course made of fish, seafood, meat or poultry, French cheese, chocolate dessert, wine and digestif. Each restaurant which will participate pays tribute to the excellent French culinary and to the ideas which are brought by it. French food means also pleasure, enjoying, sharing and respect to high-quality products and contemporary people and environment.

This year Poland is strongly represented, similarly to the first edition, in Good France – there are 92 restaurants of different types from 36 cities and towns willing to join. Chefs are presenting their culinary talents preparing top quality French dinner regarding the principles of environmentally responsible cuisine and healthy diet. Dishes will be composed of fresh, seasonal and local products with reduced amounts of salt, sugar and fat.

On the first day of spring, 21 March, we will observe the celebration of French culinary, which guarantees an exceptional experience of tastes and atmosphere, which you cannot miss. You can encounter these in Verres en Vers, where flavours and aromas bring you closer to the spirit of a real French cuisine.




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