17 March is a national holiday for the Irish – St Patrick’s Day, the saint patron of Ireland. 

He was born in 385, the most probably in Wales, however, it is Ireland that owes him evangelization, setting up many churches and the christening of the country. There exist few legends about the miracles he created involving giving back sight to the blind and lives to the death and also banishing all snakes from Ireland. The date – 17 March – is the day of the saint death.

It is a day of greenness, as the colour is a symbol referring to the green, grass-covered hills of the island. In addition, a shamrock – world-famous symbol of Ireland is green, too. Saint Patrick took advantage of the tiny plant while teaching first Irish Christians the doctrine of the Holy Trinity. On the day everybody wears green clothes and happily attend the celebrations such as festivals and parades. People also take part in church observances. There is also another tradition on St Patrick’s Day - the obligation of drinking a full glass of whiskey with a real shamrock on the bottom. That is also acustom connected with the person of St Patrick, who being disappointed with an innkeeper who stinted on the amount of whiskey, decided to threaten her with monsters and from that day she used to serve full glass of the alcohol to the clients.

Today St Patrick’s Day is observed in numerous countries. It is particularly popular in the United States, where it was brought by Irish immigrants. It was there where the tradition of drinking green beer was initiated and then it spread to all regions of the world. Actually in Ireland itself green beer has only recently been available as a response to tourists expectations. Next inseparable part of celebrations are the Irish music and dance performances.  Lately giving green colour to famous monuments or places has become popular, for instance Niagara Falls, the Leaning Tower of Pisa or Town Hall in Poznan.

On 17 and 18 March we invite to our Sure Bar to experience plenty attractions. We are obviously offering green beer, and also the Irish whiskey-tasting  (four types – only 25 zloty), two special “green” meals at a special price of 28 zloty and 30 % discount on Sure Bar menu for the admirers of the Irish holiday. There are also going to be quizzes with prices and Irish music (18 March) to complete the fun atmosphere.

Come and celebrate with us in Sure Bar – Irish pub in the heart of Gdansk Old Town.





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