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Radisson Blu is a great enthusiast of big and small social initiatives, which aim to support those who need help and to protect environment.

Staff of our hotel and restaurant take part in campaigns in favour of our natural surroundings, for instance they clean green areas by the Gdańsk seaside and we also join Earth Hour by saving electricity. Moreover, as we are aware how much support children in orphanages require, and we really care about them, we support one of them in Tczew. We regularly collect school accessories and also try to supplement lacks in amenities, for example by providing pottery. Members of our hotel team are also blood donors.

On 3 April this year our colleagues from all hotels of Rezidor Group in Poland, including Radisson Blu, were attending the 11th Warsaw half-marathon organized annually by PZU. The purpose of the race was not only sports rivalry. Radisson Blu often makes some contribution to various charity campaigns with authentic enthusiasm. The race in the half-marathon was a good opportunity to deepen common knowledge about autism, as 2 April is The World Autism Awareness Day. Our participation in the marathon was dedicated to Jaś i Małgosia Foundation (JiJ), which role is to get society realized how common is the occurrence of autism (1 in 100 children is diagnosed), and also to help children adapt in schools, and later at work and to help their parents live normally with no need to resign for example from work.

We wish to encourage Guests of our hotel and restaurant to donate the JiJ Founation. A can, where money is going to be collected, can be found in the reception. There additional information will also be provided.







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