At the 15th April in our restaurant new, spring menu will have it’s debut. Our chef, Krzysztof Kowalczyk, is already displaying, what dishes will be found in it. 

What novelty will appear in the spring menu? 

We want to show more regional products and slowly get out of France, but not definitely. We will always have french accents in our menu, due to this history of this place. Exemplary dish from our new menu, which connects polish and french cuisine is fish soup, prepared from simmilar formula to Bouillabaisse, made with white wine, tomatoes, fennel and local fish, such as cod, flounder and skarp. 

Will there be more fish? 

Yes, I also decided to introduce our baltic herring, which is much more popular abroad than in our country and is a wonderful fish. I will serve it as starter with red wine, smoked plum, tometoes and spring onion. One can associate it with Kashubian herring, but the flavour will be absolutely different, for some guest very surprising. 

What is behind misterious position „Dish of the day”?

This is something absolutely new in our restaurant. Every day we will serve different fish with delicious home-made chips and tatar sauce. This is out healthier version of popular „Fish and chips” in affordable price - 39 pln. We will also have „Soup of the day”, which we will be changing due to the season - for example: asparagus cream, tomatoe soup, vegetable soup. The price is 19 pln. In order to come a good way along the road, we will serve „Dessert of the day” in the same price as soup. Here we will also use seasonal fruit. 

What about the dumplings? Why did you decide to add it to new menu? 

Dumplings are dedicated to our guests from abroad, who ask very often, where can they tre them. Finally, they will be able to try our deliciuos polish dish just right here, in our restaurant. Our dumplings are filled with rustic white cheese and potatoes, witout any animal fat. Our version is vegetarian and it has some surprising accent - fresh herbs and mint. We will serve them with radish salad. 

Which dish from the spring menu is your favourite? 

All of them (laugh). I have to admit, that I am really curious about our guest reaction to regional farmhouse chicken, served with apricot and coriander salad and goat cheese souffle. From the starters, very intriguing dish is raw marinated cod, served with marinated tomatoes, eco rape oil - which has very interesting taste and field herbs. For those who are culinarily brave, we have froggy legs with mushrooms and parsley, stewed in white wine. We used to serve snails for a long time and we decide it to swap it into this dish. From the desserts, the most surprising composition of tastes can be found in vanilla parfait with smoked chocolate and black berries. 

I’ve heard that insted of menu, you also want to change restaurant’s interior?

Exactly, that is the plan. We want to be closer to the Brasserie concept, so in the center of restaurant there will be big bar with high chairs. Our aim is to create place, in which guests will feel freely and in which they will spend their time with family and friends, eating delicious food, with no hurry, in very positive atmosphere.



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