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On Friday evening in the Brasserie Verres en Vers restaurant took place special event - „Chef’s dedicated supper”.

Chef, Krzysztof Kowalczyk, served his guests seven tasting dishes, inspired by new, spring-summer menu. Supper’s idea was serving dishes in other form than it is available in everyday’s menu. The effect? Incredible surprise and absolutely creative menu. 

Before the feast began, guests appetite was intesified by amuse bouche: goat cheese and white chocolate mousse and cranberries, served with crisps baked in the restaurant. Sweet-sour-salty starter boosted guest’s taste buds. 

Herring / red wine / plum / cucumber mousse / wholegrain biscuit - was the first tasting dish. Pride of out region - herring, was very delicate and additives perfectly emphasized its taste. 

Frog legs / mushroom / Bordeaux / parsley powder / butter - for many guests this dish was something absolutely new. Juicy meat was greatly composed with mushrooms, parsley and butter. 

Young beetroots / goat cheese / wild rose oil - form of this dish was fascinating. Crispy beetroots shishkebabs, goat cheese and white chocolate mousse, beetroot and ginger juice were very refreshing and also filling. 

Asparagus cream / dried beef / Roquefort mousse - another Chef’s proposition made an interesting  composition of traditional soup and delicious, aromatic dried beef. 

Risotto / Bursztyn cheese / dock / young veggies - in this dish salty Bursztyn cheese was nicely overcame with sour dock. Whole composition was additionaly restored by young veggies. 

Baltic scarp in two variations: beer batter / home made chips / green bean and Confit in rape oil / salvia souffle / raspberry tomato - in this dish Chef showed his own - much healthier - version of popular in Great Britain „Fish and chips”. Fish was juicy, beer batter very crispy, green beans tasted like in the season’s peak and home made chips were just perfect. 

Vanilla parfait / currants / smoked chocolate / mint jelly - dessert, which to every Chef is the biggest  challenge, was just compelling. Sweet parfait was emphasized by very aromatic smoked chocolate, which some guest compared to well fried bacon and the other to… spruce. The form of serving was also very surprising. 

Dishes tastes were emphasized by perfectly chosen wines from Winners company. 

The supper was absolutely delicious! Chapeau bas for Chef!


Pictures: Gordon Blackler https://www.facebook.com/GordonBlacklerPhotography

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