When September comes, it is the end of summer and time to return to school and work. 

Mornings don’t welcome us with awaking sunshine any more, thus it’s vital to give our organism a huge portion of energy with breakfast. Profits provided by starting day with well-balanced breakfast are extensive. It delivers nutrients to “hungry” cells after whole night and enables working at full capacity. That is the reason why especially children should obligatory eat breakfast before going to school.

It is recommended to prepare the meal with complex carbohydrates (wholegrain bread and cereals) which feed us for the next three-four hours. We should also remember about the good-quality source of proteins (fish, meat). Adding vegetables and fruits is essential as they supply us with vitamins, enzymes and fiber. If a child omits morning meal, problems with concentration and acquiring knowledge will surely occur. The same rules obviously apply to adults, as well.

Moreover, it is proven that people who eat breakfast in the morning tend to eat less later during the day, so they do not get fat. We ought to remember about drinking water or juice as it irrigates our body inside after the night and stimulates blood circulation which also helps to awake. It is also a good idea to prepare second breakfast for children to school. It must be nutritious and attractive in the same time to encourage a child to choose it instead of quick snack from school shop.

We invite to Verres en Vers for breakfast served on a buffet table appealing to our senses and stomachs. Even children who are fussy eaters will be lured into choosing something tasty and healthy. Our restaurant pay a lot of attention to variety and quality of products. There are always fresh veggies, fruits and herbs. We offer a vast range of coffee and tea types, freshly-squeezed juices and excellent mineral water.