Wojciech Rabiega is a chef who is constantly developing, creating his own dishes, draws inspiration from many sources, reaches for old, proven recipes, not only taken from "grandmothers", but also from historical collections,refers to tradition and the region. He places great emphasis on a product that is natural, healthy and of high quality, precisely selects the suppliers with whom it works, and also prepares products, including delicious meats, meats, cheeses and preserves. 
We can try all the delicacies during the buffet breakfast. The absolute hit here are undoubtedly homemade cakes, delicious, delicate, without unnecessary enhancers. However, if we want something more sublime, let's look at a la carte dishes, there we will find a variety of items also for vegans and vegetarians, this is a nod to the chef for the needs and requests of hotel guests. For an appetizer, we recommend, for example, Baltic herring marinated apple juice with Calvodos with horseradish cottage cheese with apple brunoise with or baked goat cheese on the preserve of Kashubian strawberries and raspberry with mustard. If we prefer Polish cuisine, we recommend sour soup, but in a completely different version, we will not find traditional white sausage, only smoked fish, the appearance and texture will be very much like the original, but the taste will definitely surprise us. You can also try Mascarpone tomato cream with chives oil. For the main course, delicate and mouth-watering duck breast prepared for up to 40 hours with mashed potato with tarragon in a cherry sauce or black bean noodles,
with vegetables in tempura and with Tandoori sauce. Or maybe someone will be tempted to fillet zander with asparagus in butter with cherry tomatoes. For dessert, delicate chocolate cake with homemade strawberry sorbet and raspberry coulis.

I wish you the most intensive culinary experiences,