A guinea fowl is a large bird especially appreciated for its delicious meat and eggs. 

Wild species live in Africa but currently France and Italy lead in raising guinea fowls. In Poland guinea fowls were particularly popular years ago, they were served during elegant balls organized by the nobility. Only 40 years ago there were still large flocks kept. Unfortunately nowadays the guinea fowl constitutes rare delicacy.

The g uinea fowl is considered a fine type of poultry due to its dark, moist meat of a taste similar to game meat (pheasant). But contrary to game meat, tender guinea fowl is much easier to prepare, because it doesn’t require long marinating and heat treatment. However, one has to handle with the meat carefully to retain its moisture. The most frequent methods of preparing guinea fowl are roasting the whole bird or frying its breasts, nevertheless it can also act as a base to make a flavoursome roulade with bacon or mild broth. An exceptional taste of guinea fowl can be enhanced by composing with fruit such as apples or plums. Combination with citrus fruit is less common but doubtlessly worth to try.

The meat of guinea fowl is the leanest among poultry – it contains twice less fat but more proteins than chicken meat and only 160 kcal per 100 grams. High quality proteins, including collagen, are vital to tissue regeneration. There are a lot of nutritious unsaturated fatty acids and little amount of cholesterol. These properties make guinea fowls meat ideal for those who want to keep fit and healthy.

Eggs of guinea fowl also have specific features. They are admired not only for their flavour but also for high amount of vitamin A and carotenes. Moreover, the yolk is bigger and the white is more valuable than hen one. Thanks to all those nutrients, they are recommended for children, elderly and convalescents.

Every chef has an own secret to prepare an excellent dish with a guinea fowl in a main role.

We invite you to our restaurant to taste:

Guinea fowl breast/ roast bone sauce/ potatoes/ citrus skin emulsion
Don’t hesitate too long – the dish is in our menu only until the end of January !

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