Rabbit meat isn’t rather popular in Poland, we eat about 1 kilo / person / year, while for instance in France, Italy and Spain six times more of rabbit is consumed. 

It is a pity because this type of meat should be especially appreciated by those who search for products of culinary and dietary value. Rabbit meat contains 20 % more protein than any other type of meat. The protein has a very beneficial amino acids composition, moreover it is assimilated almost completely by human organism and it doesn’t cause an allergy. Besides, rabbit contains slight amounts of fat and cholesterol, but in the same time it has a significant quantity of healthy unsaturated fatty acids.

The kind of meat is also full of valuable vitamins (especially from B group) and microelements (iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, copper, manganese). Those nutrients result in the fact that rabbit wins the competition with another healthy, low-fat meat – chicken , what can make rabbit an excellent alternative to it. Due to many advantages, rabbit is recommended for elderly, children, and even infants and for people allergic to food protein.

Rabbit is admired not only because of the health aspects, but the taste, as well. The meat is mild and very delicate and it is suitable for many types of dishes – roasted, stewed or as an additive to pies. Cooks usually use the loin of rabbit or legs, which can be treated like chicken legs and give a wide range of possibilities.

We invite you to our restaurant to savour rabbit according to our Chef’s recipe.

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