You plan a romantic dinner and hope everything goes well? Help yourself with secret power of aphrodisiacs.

In February there are plenty of dishes composed specially to stimulate body and senses. Aphrodisiacs are substances, dishes, herbs or drinks, which, either due to their chemical content or suggestive shape, have a positive effect on our libido and fertility. The name comes from Aphrodite – Greek goddess of love. She was supposed to be born from sea foam, what can be connected with the fact that sea food is on the very top of the list of the most effective aphrodisiacs. Actually the secret lies in the high amount of phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and iron, which cause quicker reaction on various stimuli.

The same elements are present in caviar and fat fish, such as salmon, trout and mackerel. Another important component is zinc, which increases the level of testosterone and in the same time boosts fertility of men. Oysters contain also glycogen, which enhances the work of our muscles. Casanova, the greatest lover in history, used to eat 50 oysters for breakfast, while for supper he consumed a huge quantity of chocolate. Probably thanks to this diet, he was said to be full of energy for the whole night. The magic substance in chocolate is theobromine – it stimulates receptors in neurons what leads to better mood and great stamina. It is commonly known that some alcohols – especially wine and champagne – help to relax and encourage to acting. It happens because of antioxidants which sustain testosterone balance. Among drinks, we can distinguish green tea and coffee, which makes ideal composition with, next two aphrodisiacs, honey and cardamom.

There exist many herbs and spices, which oils show incredibly revitalizing activities. The most popular, although recently rather neglected, is lovage, moreover, there are: nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, estragon, basil, saffron, coriander, chilli, pepper, garlic, mustard seeds and many other. There are also fruit and vegetables considered to be able to sharpen our senses, most often thanks to their appealing shapes – the examples are asparagus, bananas or carrots. Fruit aphrodisiacs recommended for men are watermelon and peaches, dried apricots and figs. We should obviously remember about delicious strawberries with champagne. Avocado, being full of vitamins and fatty acids, gives energy, reduces stress and tiredness and activates to discover new sensations. Lovers ought to choose dishes with pineapples, as well. In ancient Rome, and later in XVIII-century France fungi (especially truffles) were alleged to increase physical attraction and help to win one’s heart. Other probably effective aphrodisiacs are maroons, which used to be a base of a love drink.

Throughout history people have tried to intensify romantic atmosphere by different methods, including cooking special dishes. Although aphrodisiacs work the best when you believe strongly in that, it is doubtlessly worth to be seduced by ‘love food’.

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