Sour rye soup – żurek, żur – an unusual soup, which thanks its intense, sour taste to soured rye flour. 

It is typical mainly for cuisines of Poland and Belarus. In our country it is inseparably connected with Easter time. Żurek with hard-boiled eggs and sausages is an absolute must-have for Easter Sunday dinner. It looks and tastes amazingly served in a bowl made of bread. However, Żurek quite often appears on Polish tables during the whole year. It is not surprising as this simple dish may represent many variants so you cannot get bored with it.

Żurek is an old-Polish soup, thus its form has been changing a lot for centuries. Primarily, it was plain, deprived of meat or any other delicious additives. It used to be eaten almost every day during the Lent, so people awaited for the Good Friday, when a great “funeral of żurek” was organized. The huge pot filled with żurek was buried under the ground or poured out in the village outskirts. Fortunately, as the time was going by and people were getting richer, żurek was getting richer, too. People started to add potatoes, dried wild mushrooms and spices such as garlic, horseradish and marjoram.

Nowadays żurek has a special aroma coming from smoked bacon, pork sausages and ribs. Potatoes can be replaced by crunchy croutons. Sometimes cooks add sour cream to the soup. There may be as many variants as many preferences and regions. Most known variety is white borscht (barszcz biały), which is made from wheat flour instead of rye one, and as a result it is less sour in taste.

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