June-July is the best time for young vegetables. We enjoy a wide range of healthy and delicious young veggies.

After a long time of boredom and monotony there start to reign tempting radish, spring onion, crisp lettuce and cohlrabi, fleshy tomato and juicy cucumber on the markets. Many of us have awaited also for young carrots and potatoes.

There exists much controversy about eating young vegetables. Scientists warn not to eat vegetables grown at the beginning of the season (April, May) as they can contain much amount of nitrates. These substances, if overconsumed, may cause cancer. However, there is no need to worry as long as we buy vegetables from known and checked source and we obey few rules. Remember not to store vegetables in plastic, impermeable bags. Young tomatoes and cucumbers should be peeled, because the toxins gather mainly under the peel. All vegetables must be thoroughly washed with cold water.

The dilemma – eat or not to eat – disappears in June, when cultivation of vegetables bases on natural sun and rain rather than artificial growth boosters. Young vegetables are a source of vitamins and microelements. Lettuce contains much C, A, E, D, B6 vitamins and calcium, magnesium and iron. In radish there are vitamins C and B1. Tomatoes, except for vitamins C and A, provide lycopene – strong anti-cancer agent. Chive has healthy sulfur compounds, many vitamins and microelements. Great health properties can be found in parsley. It is not only aromatic and fits many types of food, but also is a wonderful source of vitamins A, C, PP and folic acid and vital microelements. One spoon of chopped parsley provides recommended daily amount (RDA) of all vitamins. It benefits our sight, prevents anaemia, rickets, purifies organism and has diuretic properties. Young potatoes eaten with peels give us much vitamin C, potassium (decreasing blood pressure) and calcium (good for bones).

In our restaurant we offer various dishes with young vegetables. As a starter we propose young beetroots salad with Blue de Neiges cheese and as a main dish - chicken confit with boiled young vegetables and broad bean croquet. Enjoy it!

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