Peaches, apricots, nectarines – who doesn’t love them? We inseparably associate them with a sunny summer.

They are juicy, sweet, aromatic and healthy, in the same time. They can be variably used in cooking and existence of many types is inspiring and cannot bore us.

They all belong to the one type called Prunus (plum). The colour of flesh can vary from white to intensively orange. It is rather delicate and easily bruised, but there are firm varieties as well. In the middle there is a single seed (stone). The skin is smooth or velvety. The shape of fruits is rather round, oval or sometimes flattened. They come from China, but nowadays are cultivated in many countries. As they require mild and warm climate, spring frosts in Poland can easily damage sensitive blossom.

These fruits should be present in our daily diet, because they are excellent source of healthy ingredients. During the season we can enjoy fresh fruits, while after that we can consume dried peaches and apricots, which are even more valuable. They all supply us with fiber, beta-carotenes, vitamins B, PP, lots of minerals (calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium). Due to the beneficial elements they are recommended to pregnant and menopausal women, smokers, people with anaemia, arthritis, high blood pressure and sclerosis. They also have anti-cancer qualities and are commonly used in cosmetics as they beautify our skin.

As they look attractively and the stone can be smoothly removed they are often served with no other preparation as a part or a whole dessert. But they possess many other culinary applications. Extraordinary aroma of peaches, nectarines or apricots makes them ideal to more sophisticated dishes. They are especially popular in French cuisine, for example as a filling to croissants or fruit tarts.

Chef of Verres en Vers recommends: White chocolate truffle with roast peach and honey. However, apricots or peaches are also exquisite additives to many kinds of meat, for example to stuff roast pork or chicken fillet. In our restaurant we combine the fruits with grilled duck breast served with cheese brioche.



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