When we say „dessert”, we usually think of a sweet dish consumed after main dish, as a second breakfast or afternoon snack.

Dessert can have special properties, it not only provides a huge injection of energy, and also is a best way to improve our mood. When days become shorter, evenings colder and autumn comes, Verres en Vers invites for delicious desserts to sweeten the end of summer.

There is plenty of dessert types, we have small pastries, for example biscuits, gingerbreads, cookies as a quick additive to coffee or tea. Traditional baked cakes can acquire new character thanks to carefully selected additives. VV recommends Almonds biscuit with sour cream and berries – sour fruits contrast nicely with the sweetness of aromatic cake. In summer more popular are chilled desserts such as ice-cream, sorbet, pudding, mousse or jelly.

Verres en Vers offers typical French dessert – Crème brulee – made of eggs and cream, which give it fine taste, topped with a layer of crunchy caramel. Admirers of unusual combinations will surely like Chocolate cake with Roquefort cheese and nuts ice-cream. When we dream of an extraordinary dessert, which melts in mouth and makes us truly content try White chocolate truffle with roast peach and honey. The composition of flavours will pamper you, while the taste of peach will remind sunny days and drive away sad thoughts about the end of vacation time.

Dessert is to fulfill main dish, but we can please ourselves at each time of the day, whenever we want to. Dessert gives pleasure and we do not need any special reasons to eat one. Desserts in Verres en Vers are really tempting and difficult to resist!


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