Apple is a symbol of health, fertility, love and also temptation. 

Now is the time of the greatest plenty and variety of the fruit. Golden, pink and red cultivars tempt from the market stalls and inspire to create delicious and warming autumn dishes. One of the finest scents of autumn is aroma of baked aplles with cinnamon. In Polish cuisine there are many excellent recipes with apples. Most often they are used to prepare desserts such as apple pie, baked rice with apples, apples fried in a pancake dough and compote from dried fruits. However, apples are present in other dishes, for example roasted duck and vegetable salad.

From apple juice some alcoholic beverages are produced, for instance well-konown French brandy – Calvados and particularly popular in Great Britain, Ireland and France – cider. Although first notes in Polish literature occured in the XVI century, there were very few of them due to the fact cider was associated with the poverty. It has gained popularity in the XIX century among the high class society and became really “trendy”.

Although Poland is the biggest producer of apples in Europe, so far production of cider was not profitable because of high excise. Law changed in 2013, and our brands of cider has appeared.  To produce cider only apples and yeast are needed. After fermentation we get sparkling drink with the content of alcohol of 1,2 – 8,5 % . It is refreshing, ideal for heats. But when heated with a slice of lemon and a pinch of cinnamon and ginger it is irreplaceablefor a cold autumn evening. Cider is often used to prepare meat as it makes it juicy and tender, not to mention the aroma.

Apples are not only delicious, but also very healthy. The most important curing properties of the fruit  are prevention from cancer, artherosclerosis, inflammation, high blood pressure, cataract and many others.   Also cider contains significant quantity of antioxidants, which protect our organism. Thus, make use of the fruit gifts of autumn orchards.

In menu of Verres en Vers there are exquisite dishes with seasonal fruits, also apples. Chef especially recommends extraordinary combination of seafood and cider – Scallops with cider flavour caramelized chicory, cashew nut and mint. For admirers of “pure” cider we propose Polish brand Green Mill Cider from wine menu.