Many of us think about it once we open our eyes in the morning. We cannot imagine a day without it.

It is perfect for a meeting. It will get you on your feet when you need a rapid injection of energy. What is that? It is a drink of unusual power and taste – coffee. 29th September is the International Coffee day. That is one of the opportunities to broaden your knowledge about it and discover new images of coffee.

Coffee is made of roasted and then grounded seeds of Coffea plant. The most popular types are robusta and arabica. Cultivation of Coffea requires appropriate climate. Arabica grows in subtropical regons on 600-1200 metres above sea level and prefers high temperatures 9fruits appear every second season) or in equatorial climate with frequent rain falls,on 1200-2000 metres above sea level (permanent bearing of fruits). Cultivtion of robusta is easier and takes places around equator on plains or on 400-600 metres ASL.  Robusta contains about 50 % more caffeine than arabica.

A cup of coffee of an exceptional taste and aroma serves as the best fulfilment of a dessert. However, coffee can also be one of the main components in a recipe for a dessert, but not only. Who of us doesn’t like iced coffee or hot coffee with rum or coffee cakes? But there are plenty of meat dishes with addition of coffee – for instance combination of duck meat with it tastes particularly interesting.

What makes people around the world love coffee? Certainly flavour and scent, but also its stimulating properties. Caffeine present in the Coffea seeds reduces tiredness both psychical and physical, improves memory and process of thinking. scientists recommend consumption of four cups of coffee a day. Numerous reasearch showed that coffee lowered the risk of cancer, diabetes, Parkinson disease and cirrhosis. Interestingly, contrary to popular belief, there was no connection between drinking coffee and high blood pressure proved. So let’s drink coffee for health!

Drinking coffee is almost a ritual for some people and preparation is almost an art. Baristas const antly compete to make coffee more and more attractive and to surprise the lovers of it. we should take advantage of their talents and ideas.