They have an unique, strong, slightly peppery taste, and they are slightly crunchy. They are excellent for sauces, soups, meats, pastas, casseroles, or regular scrambled eggs. We are speaking about chanterelles, delicious mushrooms that grow in deciduous and coniferous forests.

The chanterelle, or golden chanterelle (or girolle), has a characteristic yellow color. Interestingly, the cocks are never worm-eaten and, for mushrooms, are very permanent. It is unreal to farm them on an industrial scale because they live in symbiosis with trees. Chanterelles are only found in the wild, what influences their market price. 

Season for chanterelles lasts from mid-June till October. They are among the most priced by chefs and afficionados of wild mushrooms cooking. They captivate not only by taste and aroma, but also by their beauty. 

It is worth remembering, that dry mushrooms should be cleaned, then gently rinsed with cold water so they do not soak, then they should be dried.  Chanterelles are traditionally pan fried on "fast fire", most frequently on clarified butter, or, if it is required by the recipe, simmer, however they are salted only after processing. If they are salted before processing, they discharge a lot of sticky juice, which will hamper frying. 

Fresh collected chanterelles are the best. Warmed over mushroom dishes lose their aroma, therefore it is worth to eat them immediately after cooking. Our chef knows this perfectly and all the dishes are prepared on an ongoing basis. 

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