After dinner, with the morning coffee or maybe in the evening, instead of supper? Willingness to eat it appears at different parts of the day – sometimes even at night, but we all know, that we should not give it a go then. It does not have to be fattening, too sweet or unhealthy. It can be light and delicate – in this form it is especially welcome during summer. You are invited for the dessert!

Dessert is a perfect final of each dinner, it can also be great appendix to favorite coffee, it can act as a medicine for a bad mood, when the weather is suddenly falling down, it can also chill at a hot summer day. Those people who count calories prefer delicate yoghurt and fruity desserts, and those, who really like sweets, surely won’t regret a piece of delicious cake.

Raspberry cake from our terrace menu should fulfill each sense of taste, because it’s perfectly sweet and the raspberries are rich in magnesium, calcium, iron and vitamins – C, E and B. We should eat those delicious fruit right now, because the season will be gone soon.

If you like strawberries, you will be delighted with classic French dessert Mille feuile. It consists of delicate flaps of French cake, velvet, vanilla cream “creme patissiere” and balsamico strawberries. This dessert you can find in restaurant’s menu.

If you wish to chill, you can try our ice-cream, iced coffee or one of our summer drinks.

Bon appetit! 

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