The meat from guinea hen is

absolutely delicate and tender, in addition it has high nutical value. It used to be served very often at polish and french tables, later it was forgotten, but lately it began to be popular again.

Guinea hen is considered to be the most noble type of poultry. In fact, it is very tasty, expressive and it's meat has got beautiful color, it is light and easily digested. Guinea hen contains lots of valuable proteins, witamins B and E, iron, magnesium, potassium and – due to importance of people eating healthy – it has low callories.

Before prepering the meat, it is important to properly form it's corpulence, because it allos to protect the meat from and drying out. In order to do that, it is enough to press corpulence with the hand – it will be flatten and extended and after baking process it will keep nice and esthetic shape. The taste can be expanded with pork fat, which sometimes is used to stuff corpulence from thw inside.

Guinea hen can be prepared for a few ways and the most popularo ne it baking. In order to get dish with high flabour value, it should be bake in 200-250 C degrees and after some time lower the temperature to 160-180 C degrees and let the meat slowly roast. The meat tastes great baked in foil.


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