They are very aromatic, they have beautiful, intenvice, dark purple color and what's the most important – they are very healthy.


In Poland the most important species are purple, longitudinal small plums, little sweeter greengage (yellow or green) and smaller, mirabelle plums. The best type to be dried are small and purple ones.

Instead of their esthetic look and delicious taste, they are full of valuable elements – like vitamins C, E, A, B6, K, PP, fiber, magnesium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, bar and polyphenoles. Futhermore, they are rich in antioxidants – flavanoids, tanin and other. Due to high amount of C vitamin and antioxidants, plums contributes to firm skin and stop aging processes. In pharmacies we can buy various drugs which contain plums abstract. Their properties, instead of antioxidants, allows to clean skin very deep and constrict the pores.

Plums are also helpful during the diet. Due to content of pectins, they rid organism from the toxins and regulate metabolism. Instead of that, after the consumption, the stomach is filled for a long time. The abstract of this fruit is damaging cancer cells and it stops absorption of cholesterol.


Plums are popular component of autumn menus at polish homes and restaurants. With their usage, we can prepare various products – jams, stewet fruis, juices or bake cake with plums. We can also picle them (for ex. an vinegar) and use as an additive to meats and dried plums use to poultry dishes or serve them with red meats. In polish cuisine they are also used as a dumplings filling or component of christmas stewet fruit or traditional "bigos".


From a dried plums we can also prepare aromatic soup or some alcohols – like polish "śliwowica", "tarniówka" or balkan "rakija".

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