Duck liver, French foie de canard, has delicate, opulent meat, with bitter taste. It is usually served as fried or stewed dish.



It's preparation begins with cutting the meat into smaller pieces, then we have to drain excess of moisture with paper towel and coat it with flour. Next step is to fry the meat on the pan or bake in the oven.

Duck liver can also be milled and used to prepare delicious mire.

Foie gras is a delicacy well known in France – it is a delicate mire made from the liver (duck's or goose's), which are specially fatten. The biggest producer od foie gras is France, but it is also made – in smaller amounts – in USA and China. The procuction od foie gras (what generally means "fat liver") is very controversial, because it concists in fattening ducks – in order to make it's meat and offal tasre better. Because of high requirements, the price of foie gras is very high.

Duck liver is a great source of proteins, iron, phosphorus, potassium and group B vitamins. It is caloric, so it should be consumed with some restraint.

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